jack component status

The following components essentially match those in Rack.


  • Servlet: complete, for use with Jetty on Rhino, or other servlet container such as Google AppEngine for Java.
  • Jetty: complete, simple wrapper for Jetty using Servlet handler (
  • Simple: complete, for use with the Simple webserver (
  • K7: incomplete, for use with the k7 project (
  • V8CGI: incomplete, for use with the v8cgi project (


  • Auth: missing
  • Cascade: complete
  • CommonLogger: complete
  • ContentLength: complete
  • Deflater: missing
  • Directory: missing
  • File: complete
  • Head: complete
  • JSONP: complete
  • Lint: mostly complete (needs stream wrappers)
  • MethodOverride: complete
  • Mock: missing
  • Recursive: missing
  • ShowExceptions: simple version complete, needs better HTML output
  • ShowStatus: missing
  • Static: complete
  • URLMap: complete


  • jackup: complete
  • Request: mostly complete
  • Response: mostly complete

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